What You Can Do

Avoid/coordinate on-street parking
Snowplows must navigate many narrow streets. Avoid parking on the street to allow snowplows to clear the street from curb-to-curb. Work with your neighbors to park all the cars that do not fit in driveways on one side of the street. This will improve the ability of plow operators to clear more of the street in a safer manner. Don’t park on snow emergency routes Violators who get stuck or park on these routes during a declared snow emergency are subject to summons, fines and towing because each abandoned and parked vehicle on major streets impedes snow removal.

Clear snow from driveways and entrances
To minimize the problem of the snowplow covering your driveway with snow after you’ve just shoveled it, shovel snow into your yard.

Relax! Leave your car at home
Ride the subway, catch a bus, hail a taxi, try cross-country skis or enjoy a walk in the snow. Every car left home reduces the number of stranded vehicles that slow down snow control operations. The streets will be cleared faster — and you’re free to enjoy the winter wonderland.

Use extra caution on the road
Vehicles are significantly less manageable on icy streets. Drivers must leave at least 100 feet of distance between your vehicle and plows, salt spreaders and emergency vehicles. Walk safely Wear shoes or boots with a nonslip sole and reflective clothing. Be aware of your surroundings, follow all traffic signs and signals, and do NOT walk in the roadway.


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